Tripeptide Cream


Anti-aging, daily face moisturizer, formulated with Palmitoyl-5 to boost collagen synthesis.

Dandelion extract for its protective properties against pollution and Longevity Complex™.

The massageable cooling texture invigorates the skin, easing any tention that may have been accumulated throughout the day while the 100% natural aroma rebalances and reinvigorates both mind and body.


Free from silicones.
Free from synthetic fragrance.
96.0% natural-origin ingredients.


Recommended for all skin conditions, in case of wrinkles, signs of aging, stress and fatigue.


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Longevity Complex™: Wild Indigo, Maqui Berry, Organic Spinach and Carnosine to counteract the effects of stress and aging accelerators.

Dandelion Extract: from a plant known for its detoxifying properties, this extract protects the skin from pollution and preserves its luminosity. Rich in fructans (polymers of fructose molecules), it protects the skin against the effects of pollution associated with the release of inflammatory mediators, and from the oxidation of proteins.

Tripeptide-5: biomimetic peptide that mimics the action of a protein, naturally present in the skin, to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen. Thanks to its small dimensions, it penetrates easily and promotes a firming and wrinkle correcting action.


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