Princess Marina de Bourbon


  • A fascinating personality: generous, graceful and intellect.
  • A fabulous destiny with an atypical path: when she married the Prince de Bourbon, she became part of the French Royal family.
  • An artist who never stopped listening to her instinct and passion: Art, travels, refinement and French “Art de Vivre”.
  • A visionary woman: an high society woman, then Princess; Marina de Bourbon, discovered she had a genuine gift for good manners and a vocation changing women in their way of life.


  • A princess: 300 years of elegance passed on from Queens to Princess. A universe that looks like herself: refined, feminine and modern.
  • A Parisian icon: her self-confidence, authenticity and elegant style, attracted attention and is soon imitated by all of Paris high society.
  • A perfumer ambassadress: 20 years ago, she unveils her first fragrance, the ultimate symbol of femininity, it is an immediate success!


  • A truly timeless classic:
    • « I like to wear my perfumes to bear a unique signature ! »
  • An advance spirit:
    • « My perfumes must always be affiliated to nature and spicy elements… »
  • A universe of emotions:
    • « A dab of perfume, is an intimate interpretation, echoing a memory and inviting us to dream… »
  • A passion of beauty:
    • « Olfactory accessories are just another way to win over ladies ‘hearts… »



Discover the world of Princess Marina de Bourbon, full of gracefulness and treasures with fragrances:

  • inspired by the elegant and independent spirit of Princess Marina de Bourbon
  • distinguished by their delicacy and boldness
  • ultimate symbol of absolute femininity
  • changing women in their way of life



“ I was born in Paris the 5th of September and I still considered this day as a very “lucky day”.  Since my childhood, I always have been passionate by the scents and in the suggestive power of smells. I liked to find feelings in connection with my memories and wanted to try interpreted and sharing them to others with my own olfactory vision…  I spend my childhood between the fashion and architecture of Paris and the beautiful countryside.  In the countryside, I always spent time the nose in the flowers, berries and wild plants and had a fascination for their scents.

One day, I was 10, I wanted to go further and had an idea to try creating my own perfume. Nothing predestined me for this creative future, but it was a true revelation…  I took orange flower in my parent’s closet and mixed it with rose petals, green leaves, berries, iris, sage, violets…  All I could find in my garden! After a week under the sun, I leaved all in a white linen. The scents were made more powerful by the heat of the sun and they truly stroked me!  But the result was not what I was hoping. From that moment on, I realized my lack of knowledge, but the determined young woman I was won’t let nothing stand in her way…

“My dream came true when, after many years, in 1993, I turned to people who could understand me, listen to me and advise me to create my fragrances. I met Gilles Pommereau and we would go onto work together for more than 20 years.  Every time, I imagined my fragrances as the ultimate touch of elegance and freedom, no matter the nationality, age or cultural background.  Thus, this is how my dream came true, my perfumes reveals the Princess side of every woman who wears it.

Don’t be shy to wear my perfumes, you are a Princess inside and out…”