Ronaldo describes his new fragrance as, ‘the ultimate everyday scent’ saying, “It’s my secret weapon. I start my day with CR7 fragrance and it gives me the confidence to live each day to the full”

· The CR7 ‘My fragrance, your game’ campaign invites fans into the global sports star’s world and empowers them to live their own dreams

Cristiano Ronaldo released CR7 Fragrance, his first casual, everyday scent, with a brand-new campaign that explores the different facets of his highly coveted lifestyle as well as his spontaneous, playful personality. The fast-paced, energetic campaign film is reflective of the fragrance itself which is designed for the casual, on-the-go young man who aspires to live life like their idol.
The campaign is a lens into Ronaldo’s life, but is also a personal challenge from the sports-star to empower his fans to play their own game and live their own style, summarised in the tag-line ‘My fragrance, your game’. Ronaldo explains, “My new CR7 Fragrance is an everyday scent and I believe in living every day to the full. The film reflects many of the different aspects of my life and I want it to inspire my fans to have the confidence to live life to the max and follow their dreams – my fragrance, your game.”