Comfort Zone

[Comfort Zone] is an award – winning international Spa brand founded in 1997 in Parma, Italy. We offer a comprehensive, specific solution for

every skin condition with clinically-tested results and a complete professional  spa treatments and home care portfolio for face and body.

Our mission is to promote a soulful, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, with advanced science-based conscious solutions to visibly improve skin, body and mind.

Priority is given to the use of natural-origin ingredients, which achieve very high percentages, up to 98%. Our formulations use advanced high-tech molecules and innovative carrier structures to maximize efficacy and safety.

All the products are strictly manufactured in Italy and do not contain parabens, or mineral oil, and most importantly they are silicone free.

It is not just pampering and self-indulgence: it is honouring our skin and body and promoting beauty as the result of balance, health and vitality.

[Comfort Zone] unique massage and treatment rituals express the power of touch in a unique way which is inspired by ancient traditions, supported by advanced scientific studies. The formulations stimulate mind and body regeneration.