Matte ‘N Metal Eye Shadow
Posted on: August 28, 2017, by : admin




Create eye-catching color combos with just the right mix of

matte and shimmer. Featuring six modern matte and six mega

metallic shades in range of pink rose golds, cool-toned pewters

and golden bronzes that flatter all skin tones, it’s the one color

palette you need to design eyes that truly dazzle.

Vintage (Matte Pale Neutral Pink)

Velvet (Matte Pale Pink)

Feathered (Matte Pale Sand)

Fringe (Matte Light Taupe)

Suede (Matte Mid-Tone Mauve Pink)

Velour (Matte Mid-Tone Warm Tan)

Bohemian (Metallic Light Pewter)

Retro (Metallic Rose Gold)

Sequin (Metallic Gold)

Smolder (Metallic Smoky Gunmetal)

Sizzle (Metallic Rosy Copper)

Flare (Metallic Cool Bronze)


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